Little Miracle™ Belly Oil

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Little Miracle™ Belly Oil
NUTRIENT RICH : Made for nourishing skin in belly, breast, hip and thigh areas -all the places your body grows and changes during pregnancy and postpartum. FOR STRETCH MARKS & ITCH: Luxuriously silky, non-greasy oils absorb quickly, soothe itch and deeply hydrate to improve elasticity and prevent stretch marks as your body grows a little miracle. TWO SCENT OPTIONS: Available in Fragrance Free and Enchanted Elixir: a feminine citrusy-floral blend of Jasmine, Rose, Bergamot and Vanilla. BEST OUT OF BATH/SHOWER: Can be used both morning and night, but is best just after a bath or shower -the most ideal time to boost the skins natural moisture barrier. MADE IN USA: Proudly made paying fair wages in the USA where strict quality and regulatory standards mean you can trust our premium products to be safe, effective and socially responsible.

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