Boy NICU Milestone Cards

Three little tots

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Boy NICU Milestone Cards

Three Little Tots NICU milestone cards designed by a Preemie Momma. The tags are made of plastic. That means they are safe to sanitize, write, wipe and reuse. When your little one graduates, feel free to donate the cards to your NICU.

Includes 16 double-sided plastic cards:
• It's A Boy!
• Birth Stats to put on the outside of the isolate
• Hello My Name Is _________, I'm _______ weeks early
• Today I opened my eyes for the first time!
• First cuddles with mom
• First cuddles with mum
• First cuddles with dad
• I came off the vent today
• I had my first bath today
• I came off CPAP today
• 1 week old
• Today I met my _________
• I weigh ______ today
• I had my NG tube removed today
• I can breathe on my own
• Today I tasted milk for the first time
• My first breastfeed
• I wore my first outfit today
• I had my first bottle today
• I had my first blowout today
• My first sleep in an open crib
• I am wire free
• Today is my due date
• I passed my car seat challenge today
• I graduate the NICU today
• Today is my due date
• Our little miracle
• He is a little fighter
• Please pray for me
• Good morning Handsome

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