Gender Reveal confetti and streamer

cotton + fox

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Gender Reveal confetti and streamer

Completely biodegradable Confetti!! These come with biodegradable tissue paper in them so no more worrying about cleaning up a million little mylar pieces! 

Let us help you create a memorable gender reveal for you and your family!

Our Party Poppers shoot out Confetti circles in two sizes, which helps make photos that much more special. Colors come in either Blue or Pink. Simply twist the bottom and compressed air sends the confetti shooting out! Shoots color 15 feet into the air.

Product Description:

  • Discreet label
  • Cannons are roughly 12 inches long and 2 inches in diameter
  • Non-pyrotechnic, uses compressed air
  • Includes easy instructions on cannon 
  • Perfect for outdoor gender reveals
  • Creates amazing effects for photos

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