Ryan & Rose

Cutie Clips are pacifier clips that have been redefined, redesigned and improved upon. They have been shortened to make them safer for babies in their cribs and on the go. They are handmade out of beautiful trims, laces and fabrics that are stylish, safe, and are of the highest quality. Not only are our Cutie Clips universal and multi-functional, they are fashionable, safe, handmade in America, and help keep a baby’s or toddlers’ belongings close and sanitary. We like to say, “Don’t want to lose it, Cutie Clip it!”

Cutie Clips are made shorter for both safety and sanitary reason. Not only do shorter clips eliminate the risk of strangulation, they also help a crawling baby keep their pacifier from dragging the floor. Once Mommies use our shorter Cutie Clips, they often wonder why they ever used longer clips.