Pistachio Hop To It Bunny Rabbit Sleepyhead Lovey

Little Sleepies

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Pistachio Hop To It Bunny Rabbit Sleepyhead Lovey

Our Little Sleepies Sleepyhead Lovey is a soft, snuggly security blanket that doubles as a sweet best friend for your little one! The buttery soft blanket is made from our signature custom-milled Lunaluxe™ bamboo viscose for the coziest newborn snuggles and toddler hugs. From helping them self-soothe to keeping them company during playtime, our Sleepyhead Lovies are the perfect addition to any nursery or as a gift for a little one.

* Stuffed plush with baby-safe embroidered details

* 11” X 11” attached blanket made from our signature buttery soft custom-milled Lunaluxe™ bamboo viscose

* Blanket ends can easily tie to a pacifier for comfort and soothing

* For safety, do not leave unattended with children under 2 years old

* Loveies are not teething toys * Blanket: 95% viscose from bamboo; 5% spandex * Plush animal: 100% cotton * Machine wash on cold