Three Little Tots

Johanna Ackerman started making signs about 7 years ago when her nephew was born with holes in his heart requiring significant surgery to repair. Her sister-in-law was very concerned with germs and infection before he was strong enough for his surgery and the best way she knew to support her was through creating a sign that did the speaking for her. After creating this first design, multiple moms on social media said that they’d love to have one and so she began creating signs by hand on Etsy to help mothers like her sister-in law. On March 3rd 2016, her sister-in-laws struggle became her own. Her son Harrison was born 10 weeks early with zero warning; beginning a 10 week journey of watching him struggle to breathe, maintain a regular heartbeat, eat and perform normal functions people would take for granted. While this time was challenging and rewarding all at the same time, once it was time to go home it was petrifying knowing he was immune compromised and that something as simple as a common cold could send him back to the hospital. Before he was born, Johanna and her Husband Josh promised to each other that they would continue living their lives WITH their children and not live solely FOR them. They used a preemie “no touching” sign when they went out to do just that as it allowed them to take Harrison out with their friends and family while limiting unnecessary exposure to germs/illness. Luckily, the signs worked and they were an instant hit and doctor approved.